Slick Oil: Conservando o seu fumo por mais tempo Whaly Store

Slick Oil or silicone slick is essential in your kit, and here at Whaly Store, you will find the perfect accessory to store your concentrate, flower or extraction.

Slick oil is a sealed silicone jar that preserves the contents without losing any preserving properties, smell, flavor or THC. And the best part: it keeps the contents intact, without dust, stains or dirt, in addition to not aging the stored product. With the malleability of the material, you can store hash or any other extraction without worries. And best of all: the silicone pots are reusable and very resistant, withstanding temperatures that can vary between -40ºC to 240ºC.

Furthermore, slick oil is discreet, leaving no herb smell in the environment, and can be easily transported wherever you want. And when the stock runs out, just clean it with neutral detergent and wait for it to dry.

Here at Whaly Store, you will find high-quality silicone slicks to store your tobacco efficiently and discreetly. And if you need other utensils to make balling easier, visit our website and check out our variety of silks, dichavadores, trays and much more. Enjoy free shipping on purchases over R$250 and a 10% OFF coupon on your first purchase. Get your slick oil now and have the best experience possible. Buy now at Whaly Store!