Lion Rolling Circus Ball 1/4 78mm

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Compact and practical baller with firm mat made of resistant acrylic. With a wider opening system, the Lion Rolling Circus bowler is ideal for those who have no experience in the art of bowling.

Possibility of rolling cigarettes between 71 and 78mm.
Baller measurements: 8.5 X 2.5 X 2.5 (cm).

See how to use it:
Reserve your filling, silk and filter or cigarette holder;
Open the Machine rollers outward;
Fill the middle with stuffing and fit the filter or cigarette holder;
Close by bringing the two rolls together with your fingers;
Roll both rolls in the same direction 3 to 4 times;
Without opening the rollers, insert the silk into the gap between the rollers, leaving the glue part outside;
Roll again until the silk is pulled together, moisten the starch and then roll completely so it sticks.