Zomo Coconut Hexagonal Charcoal 500g

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The perfect format for that top-notch session. The hexagonal shape provides better handling during the session, preventing the charcoal from having accidents. Ideal for keeping the best time with friends.

Coco Zomo hookah charcoal is hexagonal in shape, manufactured in Indonesia, without harming the environment. It is developed from coconut shells, the charcoals are 100% natural and environmentally friendly. Its production is of high quality.

They have no smell and no taste. You can light it without fear that the only flavor you will feel will be its essence. In addition to sensational heat, #MyEcoCharcoal is ultra-resistant, guaranteeing a session lasting more than 90 minutes. All you have to do is prepare the rosh, control the charcoal and relax.

Material: Coconut Fiber
Shape: Hexagonal Charcoal

Length: 5cm
Diameter: 2.3cm