Small Well Bolado Dichavador

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Bem Bolado has been one of the main references in the Brazilian tobacco market for a long time. Founded in 2012, the brand started out selling just rolling papers, but due to its meteoric rise, it was a matter of time before new lines of accessories were created. One of these accessories are its polycarbonate grinders, famous above all for the extreme resistance of the material.

Furthermore, its strong and sharp teeth, extra compartment, translucent design and shape that makes it easy to grip when chopping, have established it as one of the most cost-effective choppers in the country. This incredible grinder is practically indestructible, capable of grinding even the hardest pressings. Made from the same material used in car armor!

- Discreet
- 250 times more resistant than plastic
- Easy to clean
- Lighter than metal and stronger than acrylic

Number of compartments: 3.
Tooth type: Stake.
Height: 2.8cm.
Diameter: 4.4cm.