Flowermind Fertilizer Nutrition Kit

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Size: P 250ML + 32G

A single kit to be used throughout the cycle, from young seedlings to harvest. Through biotechnology, Flowermind Co. created an innovative nutrition system, which delivers nutrients and elements to the plant in the same way as it happens in nature. Suitable for beginners and experienced gardeners.

The Flowermind Nutrition Kit is very easy to use, you (and your plants) will adapt quickly. To use, simply take some tap water, mix the dosages indicated in the manual that comes with the product and water.

The system developed by Flowermind Co. through biotechnology does not impose nutrition artificially, delivering everything the plant needs biologically, just as happens in nature. Therefore, it is not necessary, at any point in the cycle, to measure indices such as pH and EC. Since our fertilizer does not poison the soil or the plant, flushing is not necessary either.

The average yield is 5 plants in 10 liter pots with 10 week cycles.

What comes in the fertilizer kit?

All fertilizer kits include the fertilizer, meters, user manual and two stickers.