Silk 1/4 Brown Well Bolado

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Bem Bolado is one of the biggest Brazilian brands in the rolling paper scene. Its success is simply the harvest of what has been planted since its founding in 2012. Among the brand's many lines, there is Brown.

Brown is the Bem Bolado line for those looking for a more natural alternative, more linked to quality of life, an ultra-thin, chlorine-free rolling paper. Available in 5 sizes: King Size Large, King Size Large + TIPS, King Size Slim, Rolls Large and 1 ¼ Large, the paper weighs 12.5 g/m², very thin. The King Size librettos, in addition to containing 35 silks each (three more), are also available in packaging with cigarette holders, all to save resources. The 1 ¼ packs come with 50 smoking papers each. The only thing is that even the packaging is biodegradable and CHLORINE-FREE.

See the characteristics of this silk: Seda Bem Bolado Brown 1 1/4 Large;
Paper length: 1 1/4 (78mm);
Paper Thickness: Large - 50mm (To make that bomb!);
Paper Type: Brown (Brown) - Unbleached;
Burn: Slow;
Number of Sheets: 50 sheets;