Well Bolado Cellulose King Size Slim Silk

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About to complete a decade on the market, Bem Bolado is one of the top Brazilian cannabis brands. One of its main characteristics is the variety of models and lines, always with great value for money. Illustrating exactly this, this silk is part of the cellulose line: now you no longer need to pay a fortune to enjoy the benefits of these very different papers. Cellulose silks do not require glue and are much easier to ball, always resulting in a firm ball. Following everything that Bem Bolado believes, these papers are manufactured without the use of chemicals and with 100% biodegradable materials. In addition to burning favorably and smoothly, as an exclusive feature, cellulose silks are completely waterproof, meaning they are the best for enjoying your peaceful moment by the pool or by the sea.

Transparent and light, cellulose silk meets all the requirements to become an essential item. Cellulose silk is perfect for those who like to relax by the sea. It also holds the wave when the wind picks up, a perfect combination for adventurers who want to get in touch with nature. In addition to ensuring slower burning, the combustion of cellulose can be less harmful due to its 100% vegetable composition.

See the characteristics of this silk: Well Bolado Cellulose King Size Slim Unit;
Paper length: King Size (110mm);
Paper Thickness: Slim - 36mm (Good for making a thin cigarette);
Paper Type: Cellulose;
Burn: Normal;
Number of Sheets: 33 Sheets;