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Seda Squadafum 1/4 - Whaly Store

Seda Squadafum 1/4

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A Seda Squadafum 1/4  It is the ideal choice for those looking for the best in terms of quality and performance. With its size of 78mm by 44mm, it is perfect for enjoying your sessions and the high quality French paper guarantees a smooth and tasty burn.

Each booklet contains 33 uniquely designed and watermarked silks, which help ensure a slower, more even burn and protect against counterfeits.
And to help keep track, we've included a 5 left sheet in the booklet.

This silk is incredible in quality and is environmentally friendly. There is no addition of chlorine or bleaches that are harmful to health and nature, and its glue is made with natural gum arabic from Acacia. Furthermore, each icon on the packaging represents a quality of our silk: natural gum, slow burning, original watermark, vegan friendly and chlorine free.

Squadafum silk is a premium Squadafum product, guaranteeing superior quality and a unique smoking experience. Choose Squadafum silk 1/ 4  and enjoy incredible sessions with high-quality, environmentally friendly silk with exclusive characteristics.

Each icon on the packaging represents a characteristic, a quality of our silk, which are:

  • Gout - Natural gum
  • Turtle  - Slow burning silk, burns slowly
  • Plot  - Original watermark
  • Sheet  - Vegan friendly, environmentally friendly silk
  • Beaker – Chlorine free
  • Crown  – Premium quality Squadafum