Whiskey Johnnie Walker Black Label 1L

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Johnnie Walker Black Label whiskey is a true icon, recognized as an inspiration for all other brands in the category. Developed from whiskeys aged at least 12 years from the four corners of Scotland, Johnnie Walker Black Label is a blend with a deep, smooth and complex character. An impressive whiskey to share on any occasion, be it a meeting with friends or an unforgettable night.

Johnnie Walker brand whiskeys are iconic and ideal for gifting. Its diverse flavors accommodate different personalities, and Johnnie Walker's rich stories and tradition create a bond between those who give and those who receive. Placing them side by side, step by step, in appreciating this whiskey.

The Johnnie Walker brand has existed since 1920 and is today the best-selling Scotch whiskey in the world.

  • Origin: Scotland
  • Category: Deluxe (12 years old)
  • Graduation: 40% vol.
  • Volume: 1000ml

The sale of alcoholic beverages to minors under 18 is prohibited.