Whiskey Johnnie Walker Red Label 1L

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Johnnie Walker Red Label Whiskey has an unparalleled selection of more than 35 malts in its composition that guarantee its superiority. With a sweet woody aroma, cloves and sweet butter and a rich honey flavor.
Launched in 1909 by George & Alexander Walker, grandchildren of John Walker, who decided to create a "Blend Scotch Whiskey" that was both rich and full-bodied. Red Label can be drunk with soda, "on the rocks" or neat. Johnnie Walker Red Label combines whiskeys from the east coast of Scotland with the peatier whiskeys of the West.

It is the pioneering Blend that launched Johnnie Walker to the world and today it is the best-selling Scotch whiskey of all. It is versatile and attractive, with an aromatic flavor and stands out when mixed.
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Category: Deluxe (12 years old)
  • Graduation: 40% vol.
  • Volume: 1000ml