Seda King Size Cultura Dab Pure Rice

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When it was founded in 2014, Cultura Dab offered the best products and accessories for handling and consuming extractions. With the excessive success of the brand, it was a matter of time before products focused on dried herbs were also created. The culmination of these creations is represented by the new silk lines. This is the Pure Rice line, King Size. As the name suggests, these papers are made with 100% rice, in addition to natural gum arabic. This makes it a great choice for those who appreciate thin papers with high damage reduction potential. Another advantage of rice is that it burns slowly and, due to its purity, is tastier. Finally, Cultura Dab equipped its silks with the honeycomb style watermark, perfect for a more uniform and controlled burn.

Paper Weight: 12.5 g/m²

See the characteristics of this silk: Seda Cultura Dab Pure Rice King Size ;
Paper length: King Size (110mm);
Paper Thickness: Normal - 44mm (Normal Cigarette Size);
Paper Type: Bleached;
Burn: Normal;
Number of Sheets: 33 Sheets;